The Third Voice

Writings that Touch Souls!

Life & Travel are so similar … we travel far & wide assuming it is the right route … and then we take the road less traveled by …


It’s morning! Honey, you shall wake up … you shall wake up & will not find me! You will realise that you should’ve tried … I was worth the fight!

Because your unsaid words shred the inside of me to pieces!

When you love me, I will love you like no one ever did, I will take you to the unseen corners of mind & heart … and I will touch your soul! When you break me … I shall still fall for you, fall for you every moment, only this time … I would have done the hardest thing ever … I would have walked away!

Your first smile, your first look, your elegance draped in simplicity, just perfect! And then … I saw your demons! Honey … I loved you even more …

I shall let it change me, but come what may, I shall not let it reduce me!

If you want me falling for you, then you have to give me something worth tripping over!

I was sure I heard the unsaid, now I wonder … was it real?

People will always hold you, when no one notices! But they will let go when the darkness vanishes!

Do you see the light, that just entered your brokenness? With every ray that cleanses you, remember my love … I shall take one stride of your dark!

Do you fear something? Anything?

We all want to hold that one Sun, that can light us forever! … Unfortunately Suns do burn & scorch!

Does it still pain? Does it still hurt?

Let There be for Every Pulse and for Every Breath a Song; For Music can Never Lie! And Suddenly all the Love Songs will be About Somebody!

Two types of people always co-exist … those who ignored you when you needed them & those who were there even before you asked! Forget none of them …

People are never a wreck, only TIME is … So keep doing your karma … for time will heal everything only if you take efforts …

“Let people enter whenever they knock at your door, let them go when they barge out of the door! The journey is anyways not theirs, it’s yours!”

“Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.”

“I wish I could dream such a beautiful dream, that when I get up, I cry profusely; open my heart out and scream, and release myself resolutely!”

“People who express love are easy to find, Love too is easy; But those who stay and take the grind, are those whom we should hold on to.”

A lot of people come into our life by accident, a few will stay on purpose. Hold on to them!

“I want to travel with you to places that we once dreamt … places where I am with you!”

“One day you will ask me which is more important? My life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.”  – Khalil Gibran

It was the wrong that I got drenched in … it flooded my valley of flowers!

Good Morning ☕️

Goodnight 🌙… Little by Little! 💔

“The best thing about all journeys are that they never end. We might halt a bit here & a bit there, meet new people. With some we get acquainted, develop new friendships, get attracted to some, fall in love with a few, and lead a life with a few. In the end, however, we have to board the train, no matter how beautiful the halt is … “

Not every path is made of flowers, not every valley is green;
the Sun might not always shine, the clouds might not always shower;
Keep going and stay focused, just look ahead and come out clean,
For that is how you will gain power!

Love is liquid … 💧

“The best walk is to walk alone. The caravan that started with you anyways is not going to finish with you. So straighten your crown, hold your heart, calm your mind, and just take the hardest route. In the end you shall emerge stronger with more light in you.”

“There is a strange serenity in the silence of the valley, the chirping of the birds, the gong of the temple bell, the chants of the monks, and everything that calms our soul when we are in our rock bottom. We fail but to understand that each and every element of world has its own power to calm even the most chaotic souls and take even the road rarely travelled.”



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